1. Why not wear lavender mascara?

    Gracey HitchcockIf you think you can’t wear lavender mascara or blue eyeliner or any of the other new trends, have you tried? Darling, when it comes to new fashion and beauty trends, timing is everything.  Your twenties is the time to try it all. Your fresh face is the perfect canvas and now is the time to experiment. In your thirties you can afford to be daring and real femme fatale or an edgy fashionista. On your own time, you should have confidence and self-knowledge now so push the envelope. By the time you are forty or older, confidence, judgment, and a sense of joie de vivre should be your guide. So try a little blue eyeliner or lavender mascara. Properly applied, it might look fabulous. You will never know unless you try it. And even if you are only 22 or 33, think twice before you debut your sexiest or most outrageous look at the office or your cousin’s wedding. At any age, the secret of success is in the timing. Darlings, have a sweet week and try something new. Shake things up in a sweet way.
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    Have a sweet week my darlings! Don’t waste a single one of these last precious days of summer!
    Gracey Hitchcock
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