1. What Jackie taught us

    _What_Jackie_Taught_UsClick top title to open and scroll  “I’ll be a wife and mother first, then First Lady.” That was one of Jacqueline Kennedy’s first dictates as she moved into the White House. Even at thirty-one Jackie had a definite idea about her role and legacy as U.S. First Lady.  “No one else looked like her, spoke like her, wrote like her, or was so original in the way she did things,” said her brother-in-law, the late Senator Ted Kennedy. “No one we knew ever had a better sense of self.”

    In What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons from the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The author, Tina Santi Flaherty, attempts to analyze the secret of Jackie’s mystique and the source of her power. Flaherty’s biography of one the world’s most influential women is now available in a new edition to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis’s death.

    Tina Santi Flaherty knows about being in the spotlight and that may have contributed to her fascination with Jackie’s path to power. Ms. Flaherty describes herself as a lifelong admirer of Jacqueline. She was also her neighbour in Manhattan. Among many her many accomplishments, Ms. Flaherty has worked as a broadcaster, held top positions in Fortune 500 companies, and coached executives and politicians in the art of “creative communication”. She also writes articles and books on business. Like Jackie she is an active philanthropist and a passionate animal lover.

    Ms. Flaherty believes that anyone can emulate Jackie and follow her path to greater success.  What Jackie Taught Us is a collection of essays by people who knew Jackie professionally and personally, with the author’s reflections.

    Through the personal recollections of friends and colleagues Ms. Flaherty documents and illustrates how Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis developed her sense of style, poise, work ethic, and even how she created and fostered the mystery that help secure her place in history. This unusual and fascinating biography is a primer on to how to live not a perfect but an authentic, courageous, and purposeful life.

    What Jackie Taught Us is a must-read for admirers of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis. Even those versed in her life will find that Flaherty has unearthed new and personal stories about this already much-documented woman. This book would also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift.