1. Vote your dollar

    Darlings I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of craziness when I am trying to get things done. I am sick of non-existent customer service, and I know where to place to the blame. The culpable are not the tired, overworked employees who are often not allowed to solve your problem, but the companies that want to take my money for bad or indifferent service. I am not interested in automated robo-calls from anyone. We need to resist the entire system that has gradually replaced good service.

    I write letters, I vote with my dollar, and I encourage you to do the same. The JetBlue incident was not funny; it was a wakeup call.  These days we are almost stripped naked at airports in the name of security. But JetBlue is unaware of highly-stressed and unstable flight attendants who are in charge of flight safety. Think of what may have happened if this person had flipped out in the air.
    Too many airlines have abused passengers and staff for too long. They need to be regulated. I am old enough to remember when flying was pleasant, and a coach flight was as nice business class is now. Attendants and passengers were civil. Those days seem to be gone, but I refuse to believe things cannot change for the better.
    Life is too short to be miserable or to put up with nonsense. Fire the abusers. Let’s make travel sweet again.
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    Gracey Hitchcock
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