1. Try new supplements monthly


    Do you have piles of half-used bottles and boxes of vitamins or weight loss shakes because you can’t resist trying something new? Then the Bulu Box weight loss subscription sample box may be for you. You can subscribe one month at time for $10 with free shipping, or choose from many other plans. According the company, each Bulu Box shipment delivers five premium weight loss items such as vitamin and supplement samples, fitness gear or “healthy eating tools.” 

    The box the company sent me to try contained two shakes, a frozen vitamin pop, natural energy pills and several amino acid supplements as well as a very cool magnesium drink designed for relaxation. There were also coupons, if you wanted to buy the products. My box was heavy on supplements for my taste. I liked the shakes and relaxing drinks, and I tried the energy boosters. If I had bought the box I would have just got my money from this one, but many of my friends who are more into supplements would have fared better.