1. Trends: Take them or leave them!

    318013_10152434035650128_1123601145_n - CopyDarlings, this week we covered two very hot trends. I happen to love them both. But we cover many trends that I will never even try. They are not for me, but our job is to cover them and bring you the best way to wear them.   

    At this stage of the game I know exactly what does not work for me and which trends will work for me. Two recent and popular trends that I had to pass on were skinny jeans and neon-bright eye shadow.  At my thinnest, and I have been about 100 pounds for much of my life, skinny jeans have never be this curvy-girl’s friend. And neon eye shadow is a very young woman’s look.  But they are both marvelous looks on the right woman. 

    Entre nous, I sometimes have a passing pang for the skinny, but it passes so quickly it is barely worth mentioning.  At heart, I am a dress girl and always have been. As for the neon shadow, I have had my kick at that can and every other makeup trend that has come along as a lifelong beauty junkie turned beauty editor. 

    Capes are wonderful trend.  They are chance to add a new look to your wardrobe that is also classic and will last for years. But it may also be a trend that leaves you cold. If so, pass on it. The great thing about trends is there is always another one and some of them will be just right for you. 

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