1. Too comfortable

    smdeserClick on top title to open and scroll   When did people get so loud? I remember being brought up not only to speak in an “indoor voice”, but to refrain from talking at the movies, to enter rooms quietly, not to slam doors or sprawl over the furniture.

    There was a time when you knew not to get too comfortable in public and it was a good thing. If did have to enter a room late, especially a darkened theatre, I was taught the polite thing to do was to take my seat quickly and quietly.

    Now it seems no one cares about anyone’s comfort but their own. There are exceptions. Latecomers at movies, theaters, and concerts stroll to their seats and chat. I once observed a woman old enough to know better stand up during a Gordon Lightfoot concert at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta. This is the same place the symphony preforms – not a field or a meadow. She turned and “yoo-hooed” to her friend who was arriving 20 minutes late.

    The idea of not taking up more than “your own” space or causing a disruption by talking, rattling, or moving about seems as dead as King Tut. And it is not just young people or small children who let it all hang out. There is one movie theatre I avoid as its over-40 clientele just can’t stop talking.

    I am not sure what has happened to manners in North America but I think people just got a little too comfortable.

    Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies.

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