1. Tips to stop emotional eating

    DolceSTT.jpgClick on top title to open and scroll   Many people who fail to lose weight or who gain it all back are emotional eaters. Their overeating often has roots in past bad experiences or traumas. 

    Joyce Lillis is a weight loss specialist. She has developed special techniques that help people change their attitude toward food and eating. Joyce says that the “Inner Food Voice” is a forceful voice. In her new book, Stop the Torment, Joyce shares her “out with the bad and in with the good” techniques for learning how to take control back from the “Inner Food Voice”.  

    Here are Joyce’s tips for dealing with emotional eating: 

    Your relationship with food began as a young child and once you understand how it developed, you will uncover how food is used for reasons other than hunger.


    Recognize when your inner food voice is active so you become aware of how it affects your eating patterns.


    Understand the difference between eating for emotional reasons and eating because you are hungry. 


    Learn to trust your body’s physical hunger so you digest and metabolize the exact amount of food needed to maintain a healthy weight.


    Learn to enjoy eating with confidence and enjoyment without guilt, without willpower, and without calculations, but with a natural, intuitive awareness.


    Treat yourself kindly knowing there is hope, freedom from guilt, and finally answers to shed the extra pounds and maintain your new weight and never diet again.