1. Tips to save your summer clothes

    Gentle laundering will keep summer clothes looking fresh  and vibrantWarm weather clothes will look better and last longer if you launder them at home rather than subject them to harsh dry cleaning or commercial laundries. And if ironing scares you, relax. Newer blends and weaves of natural fabrics need little or no ironing, if you tumble them dry and hang them promptly.
    Also, when you hand-wash, never ring out your clothes; it breaks the delicate fibers and sets in wrinkles. Press out the moisture. If the garments are small and light, you can spin them in a salad spinner and then hang them to dry, or place them on a clean dry towel.
    If you want to preserve your pricy workout wear, consider a specialty detergent. Roux Maison Sport is designed to launder sports gear. It eliminates dirt, odor, and bacteria while preserving the elasticity of Lycra and spandex, as well as hi-tech and performance fabrics.
    A concentrated bottle that is good for 40 washes or 80 hand washes, according to the website, costs $16.99. I always use a little more than recommended.
    Never wash workout wear, swimwear, or lingerie in hot water, or expose it to dryer heat. High heat will destroy the fabric and the ruin the fit. Perspiration and direct sunlight also degrade elastic fibers.
    Dryel-On-the-Go stain remover penis designed to remove stains from dry clean-only clothes, but I use it on washables, too. It works better than any other product I have tried at any price. I have used it on designer silk ties, suits, and silk chiffon dresses. It works like a dream. 
    At home rinse stains with plenty of cold water, plain running water can loosen many stains. Then treat with a pre-wash stain remover and launder. Never place a stained garment in the dryer without first making sure the stain is completely gone. The heat from the dryer will set in stains, making them very hard to remove.