1. Tips for a whiter smile


    Click top title to open and scroll  As an experienced cosmetic dentist, there are many ways Dr. Joseph Banker can create a perfect smile. But no matter how talented your dentist is, daily life can stain and yellow your teeth. But, according to Dr. Banker, there are many ways you can help to keep your smile bright at home.

    Here are Dr. Banker’s tips to help keep your smile looking its best at home:

    Be aware of foods that stain

    Our favorite foods, including red wine, dark sauces, coffee, and tea can stain our teeth. Even healthier options such as beets, orange juice, and ethnic spices can cause stains.

    Removing stain

    Surface stains can easily be removed with good home care and routine professional cleanings. A DIY paste of baking soda and water can be effective, but should be done only occasionally as it can be slightly abrasive.

    Whitening at-home and in-office

    For my patients that are budget-conscious, I recommend trying over-the-counter products, such as Crest White Strips. These can take some time and effort, but good results can be achieved. In-office whitening uses more powerful products and excellent results can be achieved in a short time. I always provide my in-office whitening patients with an at-home system to maintain their new, whiter teeth.

    Best tooth brush type

    Always use a soft bristle brush. Any that has the “ADA Accepted” seal has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is an effective, quality product.

    Lipstick shades

    Bright reds and other shiny berry colors are great at enhancing the white in teeth. Shades with blue undertones also help, but avoid anything in a light, nude color or with yellow tones as these can accentuate the yellow shades in teeth.

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