1. This holiday season, celebrate skinny!

     Husband and wife fitness experts Dave and Carrie Woodward Holiday parties and other festivities can pack on the pounds and undo the best intentions of dieters. Husband and wife fitness experts Dave and Carrie Woodward have tips and strategies to help you survive the holiday season without gaining a pound.
    The good news is that according to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, holiday weight gain has been exaggerated. Most people gain a pound at most, not the five to seven pounds the media has reported in past years. The bad news is that studies also show overweight people tend to gain more weight over the holidays – up to five pounds.
    So if you are changing your life style and trimming down, this is when you need to be vigilant. And if you are over 40, even that one pound will be harder to lose than when you were younger, so up your exercise regime and keep track of treats and cocktails to stay slim and healthy.
    This holiday season, celebrate skinny!
    Here are their tips: 
    Eat before You Go Out to Eat
    Opt for a healthy snack before eating out. You'll get a great boost of nutrients and keep your hunger in check. This will help you avoid ordering appetizers or snacking on chips and salsa or bread because you won't be starving come meal time.
    Go for the Extra Veggies
    "Vegetables are fantastic for your body and low in calories. They are loaded with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber, which will fill you up without the fat. They'll make you feel good, and eating them on a regular basis is going to make you look even better.”
    Avoid Anything White
    "No matter if they are part of the appetizer or the main meal, white sauces, butter, rice, bread, pasta, whipped cream, cream cheese, fresh crème, sour cream – all should be kept away with a 10-foot spoon. Follow this simple rule: Unless it's cauliflower, avoid white foods when eating out!
    Box It Before You Eat It
    When dining out, it is extremely easy to overeat when eating out because you have no control over how much is served on your plate. Before you start eating, ask your server to box up half of your meal. Yes, you can wait until you're "done" eating to ask for a box, but why risk missing the halfway mark when you can take care of your portion control before you dig in? The chances of you actually having anything left over for a box dramatically decreases the longer you sit eating. So save yourself the trouble. You'll be so glad you had the foresight, as you continue to benefit from your diet and have not just one but two enjoyable meals.
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