1. The second installment of “Breathless” sizzles!

    Fever by Maya Banks, is the second book in her steamy hit trilogy, Breathless. In Fever,the bestselling romance author has penned a yet another sexy, smoldering S&M romance that will once again delight the fans of newly popular genre.
    Fever begins with Jace, Mia’s older brother, and his best friend Ash, seducing Bethenny, a young waitress at Mia and Gabe’s engagement party.
    Ash thinks that Bethenny, the pretty young waitress, is just another casual dalliance. But even as Jace makes the usual arrangement for the three of them to spend the night together he feels himself growing possessive of Bethenny.
    When Jace discovers Bethenny gone the next morning he pursues her in a panic. He discovers that Bethenny is homeless and that has she has had a very difficult and deprived life.
    Learning of her hardships, Jace falls even more deeply in love with her and is determined to protect her. He fears she will not accept his unconventional desires but is reassured as she responds to his lovemaking.
    In Fever Banks skillfully blends a traditionally “rescue romance “into her chosen S&M genre.