1. That thing in a jar

    Spicy noodlesRecently I attended a swelegent summer do hosted by PR maven and party girl Toren Anderson and friends for That Thing in a Jar. It was fabulous fun to sip elegant cocktails and chilled wine around a lovely pool. We tasted delicious “jarred” delights cooked up by some of Atlanta’s top chefs.  We nibbled on pickled okra and corn salad from Rosebud, a ham salad topped with crispy bacon from Parish, and a lobster and mango cocktail from C&S Oyster Bar. There were lots of other jarred gourmet delights.
    Chef Nick Melvin from Parish with a "jar" topped with crisp baconToren’s novel concept is to present treasured recipes in simple, portable packages – jars. They make party food easy and fun to eat.
    “Not only does the jar presentation offer a simple starting point,” says Toren, “it’s also campy and has a funk factor.  Already we are getting feedback of brides having jar food served at their weddings, jar food showers, jar BBQ’s and jar hostess gifts. One idea we are using is having all recipes printed, rolled in scrolls and tied with ribbons then put them in quart jars as party favors. Guests react as if it’s the best gift ever. Maybe it is.”Judith McLoughlin and an Irish "Thing in a jar"Get in on the fun of “That Thing in Jar” as Toren adds recipes and events to the site. http://www.thatthinginajar.com/home.html