1. Thai twist on chicken salad

    smthaochicsljpgClick on top title to open I think every meal should be a little special, even if it’s just a salad or sandwich. This simple twist on chicken salad will delight anyone who loves Thai food.

    Use leftover chicken, either your own or a rotisserie chicken from your favourite shop. The secret is in the mayo which has red Thai curry paste and few other ingredients you add yourself. You can eat it as a salad on lettuce as I prefer, or in a baguette as my husband prefers.

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    Prepare and mix in a small bowl:

    1½ cups of chopped/shredded cooked chicken

    ½ small sweet onion, diced

    1 small sweet red pepper, diced

    Several well-rinsed fresh basil leaves rolled and sliced thinly or cut into chiffonade.

    Optional: 1 Tbsp. almonds or cashews

    ½ peeled and chopped mango, apple, or grapes cut in half

    Mix together:

    2 tbsp. good quality mayo (regular, reduced calorie, or 1 Tbsp. mayo and 1Tbsp. low-fat plain yogurt.

    2 tsp or 2½ tsp Thai red curry paste

    Juice from ½ of a lime (save the other half for garnish)

    1 tsp (Thai) fish sauce

    Add sauce to chicken, vegetables, and fruit, and toss well.

    Serve over lettuce or in a baguette

    Garnish with lime and more fresh basil