A better water filter

Clean refreshing water --test it yourselfI dislike most water filters. People have tried to get me to use them for years. I research articles on health and the subject of water purity does come up. In my opinion city water in North America is not too bad in most places, but it could it use improvement. Old pipes seem to be the worse culprit in most places. Another danger is potentially lethal ecoli contamination, but I couldn’t turn up any home counter or under the sink systems that dealt with ecoli. It is recommended that one boils the water to kill bacteria.

I decided to try the ZeroWater filtration system because it is supposed to be the best.   The manufacturer claims it takes out all the contaminants (not bacteria) from your drinking water. They even provide a water tester to prove that its filters purify down to 000 dissolved solids.
According to the water tester provided, it worked just great. The water was pure and tasted fine. What I like is how easy it was to use. The large pitcher size was also a nice surprise. The most irksome thing for me about other filters I have tried is the time it takes to fill them. You can’t just pour in the water, you have to wait and wait as the filter absorbs it. It is so slow! Then the pitchers are so small. It is maddening.
ZeroWater is efficient and the large size pitcher works for me. I like having filtered water for my appliances — no more mineral buildup in pricey steam irons or the insides of coffee pots and kettles!
There is also a push button valve that allows water to be poured without having to lift the pitcher. This is convenient for anyone with arthritis or small children.
Independent researchers found that ZeroWater does live up to its claim to filter water to higher standards than most bottled water and other filters. In one independent test conducted by a water purification expert at the University of Utah, it beat Dasani bottled water and water from a Pur water filter easily. It is slightly more expensive than other filters at about $12 to filter 40 gallons. But that is still considerably cheaper and greener than bottled water. ZeroWater also has a recycling program for their filters.