Yoga to recharge

SRAs the hectic holiday season approaches it is tempting to skip workouts in favour of late nights. Instead, use the new Shiva Rea, Yoga in Greece DVD to recharge when you are feeling drained from too much to do or too much celebrating. 

The video is shot in beautiful, dramatic locations on the volcanic island Santorini. You can use Shea Rea’s yoga matrix to create your own workout to suit your schedule, mood, and energy level. Choose from three meditations: mudra, lunar, and solar, and eight 20-minute practices. 

This DVD focuses heavily on backbends and flowing movements. There is also a Solar core and extended Lunar shavasna section. 

Shiva Rea, Yoga in Greece is full of sensual movements and sunshine, making it the perfect way to recharge on chilly winter day.

This makes a great gift too!



Give yoga!

Passport to Prana might be the perfect gift for anyone who loves yoga or wants to explore it. Passport to Prana is a card that lets the owner explore different yoga studios in a single city. The cards cost $30, plus $3.50 for postage.  

Cards are available for most large American and Canadian cities. Once the card is activated, the owner can pay one visit to each studio or studio location of all the member studios. What a great way to discover yoga or find the perfect studio!