Work out like a dancer!

 If you have fantasies of being a ballet dancer, or if you like to dance, Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled with Andrea Rogers may be your workout. Rogers is an engaging instructor with something new and challenging to offer, and is the owner of Xtend Workout. She has been a dancer and choreographer since age 18 – and it shows. Rogers incorporates dance movements and techniques for a flowing and challenging workout. The 55-minute work out is divided into three segments: a barre segment to shape hips, thighs and glutes; a section to tone arms with light weights; and one for abs. If you do it right, the workout is intense.

I take challenging barre class four to five times a week, but do not dance. I still have nightmares about the old-style dance workouts. But I loved this! It really will chisel your body.