Torrid romance in the South Seas

The White Pearl by Kate Furnivall is a thoroughly modern tale of love, betrayal, passion and survival set during the Second World War.Beautiful, young Constance Hadley is living the luxurious and somewhat decadent life of a British expatriate on a rubber plantation in Singapore. She fills her days with languid afternoons at the club and looking after young son.

Life should be perfect, but Constance is trapped in a marriage with a man who has become increasingly distant since the birth of their son. She seeks solace from the unremitting boredom of the plantation and her loveless marriage in the arms of an exotic lover.
As war breaks out, Constance becomes entangled with two street children after she kills their mother in road accident. Constance and her family decide to flee Singapore on their yacht as the Japanese’s begin to bomb the island. They assemble a strange crew of friends, the somewhat shady captain, and the two-orphaned street children, and embark on perilous journey to safety.
As the strictures of polite society fall away on the small boat, Constance discovers her inner strength and revels in her liberation.
The White Pearl is a riveting adventure story with near escapes and unexpected turns of fate. It is also the compelling story of a woman confronting her true and passionate nature.