Get sleek!

Ever wonder how celebrities get that sleek look on the red carpet? It isn’t all Spanx. Stacy Keibler was seen recently in Zaggora HotPants. They are made of a special fabric that uses the body’s heat in to help raise your metabolism during workouts, to increase the calories you burn.
According to the company, “Research shows that women who wear HotPants for at least 30 minutes during exercise experience calorie burn that is an average of 11 percent greater compared to when they wore traditional workout attire.”
The thick, super-tight workout pants can take getting used to, but if you want to be red carpet sleek you may want to try it. After all, Stacy did look flawless in her form-fitting Oscar gown.
Zaggora HotPants Shorts cost $72, long shorts cost $88, and HotPants Capri is $104.


Fancy feet

Soft, clean PuretoesWorking out is an essential and enjoyable part of my life. It helps to keep my weight in check, my body flexible, my mind clear, and my blood pressure low. I love vigorous yoga, and lately I spend an hour a day, five days a week at the barre – doing Core Fusion at Exhale.

Core Fusion requires sticky socks. It has been hard for me to find a pair that fits my very small feet. Recently, during a recent interview, I heard about Puretoes, a new foot cover that leave your toes free, but protects your feet from the floor. The sole is sticky, so it helps you grip better.
They sounded ideal — if they were small enough to fit me. Puretoes’s size small are actually … small! They fit my size 4 1/3 to 5 foot. Tina, a Pilates teacher, created them to be “better than barefoot” — her trademark slogan. She told me she had worked hard to get to the design and sizing right. As a teacher she knows what students need. I think she got it right!
The fabric is very soft. That makes getting used to having a strap between your toes easier, if like me you are not used to thongs or socks. The patterns are fun too. I have “cheetah feet” and they are super cute! Even in yoga there are always people who for some reason are not comfortable barefoot, even in the most spotless studios; Puretoes is the perfect solution for them. If you do Pilates, yoga, barre, or any barefoot or sock-foot workout, you may want to try Puretoes!
Puretoes are $20 a pair. 1.813.310.0996

Shape-up for the holidays!

The holiday season is time to celebrate. Who doesn’t want to shine a bit at parties and celebrations? But it is hard to look fabulous if you are not in shape. And being in shape doesn’t need to mean thin, but it does mean toned and fit. Don’t despair, there’s still time to get in shape if you start now. You can tone, tighten, and boost your energy with Exhale: Core Fusion Yoga: Energy Flow.

This DVD class is a 50-minute combination of yoga, cardio, and core conditioning. I know it works; I do an Exhale Core Fusion workout five days a week.
You can do the whole 50-minute class or just one of the 10-minute segments. There a three-bonus segments also. The DVDs are just like the classes.
There is an entire series of Core Fusion DVDs based on the popular Exhale Spa classes. Try it, darlings! I always say, you have nothing to lose but your thighs.