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Gracey HitchcockRecently a writer in a woman's magazine contended that celebrities are fitter than the rest of us because they have more money for better trainers, gyms, and gadgets. As a result, she went on to say, it is foolish to let celebrities, or "the wealthy," set standards the rest of us could never meet. I think her argument is ridiculous, especially as she was writing about "celebrity" fitness. Celebrities, despite their wealth, have, essentially, the same human bodies as the rest of us. So, if they don't sweat and eat right, they don't get results. Money does make fitness and beauty easier and more accessible – as it does with a host of other things. But – and this is a huge BUT – I think the writer had stars in her eyes. She was seriously selling short all the fabulous trainers and teachers who do not work with the handful of people we call "stars." As a beauty and health editor for many years, I have interviewed and worked out with famous trainers and teachers. Many are fabulous and some are, well, ordinary. Or they were to me, and I have had teachers and trainers who are every bit as fabulous as the "stars." Actually, many star trainers work with clients who you might call "regular" people. Some have clients from before they were famous. Others still teach class because they like to. At the end of the day, fitness comes from discipline and dedication. You have to do the work to get results.
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Tips form the Canyon Ranch

The name Canyon Ranch has been synonymous with fitness for decades. Celebrities and other A-listers have flocked to the Canyon Ranch Spas and resorts to relax and renew.
Now with the Canyon Ranch Strong & Sculpted DVD you can work out with the Canyon Ranch trainers at home. This70-minute DVD has three segments including yoga, Pilates, and core workouts that are designed to work together. You will need hand weights and a mat. You can enjoy stunning desert scenes and a deceptively strenuous workout – just like a Canyon Ranch guest.
Canyon Ranch trainer Heather Schmidt agreed to answer a few questions about how to get the most from your workout.
DD:  What is the best way to burn fat quickly?
HS: Combination workouts including cardiovascular intervals, strength training and plyometrics.  High intensity followed by bouts of recovery.
DD: Is it important to vary your exercise program and why?
HS:   It is important to vary workouts (intensity, duration, and modalities) to avoid burnout and injury.  Shaking up a routine can recharge motivation while challenging the body in new ways.
DD: How do professionals stay motivated as they train day after day?
HS: Setting goals in our busy life is not a new concept.  This holds true for our personal health and fitness.  To stay motivated set both long-term broad and short-term specific goals. This year I will run my first marathon. Today, I will run three miles in less than 30 minutes.  
DD:  What tips or techniques do trainers use that the average women can incorporate to amp her workout and meet her fitness goals?
HS: Cross train, cross train and cross train. Let go of one-dimensional training. Athletes no longer work on skills that are only specific to their sport. Incorporating different elements of training — flexibility, agility, strength, power, speed and endurance — will take individual fitness to an all-new level.
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