Go nuts

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The next time you feel stressed you may want to go nuts.  When you reach for a snack have pistachios.  

A snack of 30 pistachios is only about 100 calories and studies have shown they might even help to lower your blood pressure. And there is also distraction of cracking open 30 nuts. It will help to occupy your hands and slow down your snacking. 

A recent study at http://www.americanpistachios.org has shown that eating nuts with the shell on can lead to eating smaller portions Researchers found that the “visual cue” of empty shells resulted in participants eating 48 fewer calories than participants who ate shelled nuts. 

I recently tried samples of Wonderful Pistachios packed in 160-calorie snack bags. Wonderful Pistachios even come in flavours including Roasted Salt and Pepper and Roasted Sweet Chili. They also make a plain Roasted Salted. The Roasted Salt and Pepper flavour were my favourite. I also like portion-controlled packages. They are convenient to toss in my bag and they make over-eating more difficult.