Are you an angry woman

Many  women are still not comfortable with anger. I know I’m not. I think we may have encouraged some people to be too comfortable with anger in a negative way, and now we have a very angry — and often rude — society. But being unable to express anger at all is equally damaging. In Fury: A Memoir Koren Zailckas, the bestselling New York Times author of Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood delves into her own anger issues. In Fury, Koren combines sociological research on women and anger with her own story. She recounts her need to confront her mother so she could work through her anger. Koren’s problem with anger is not so much anger itself, but her family’s reaction to her expressing any anger, however appropriate. 

Koren learns that her frustration with anger stems from childhood traumas. She realizes her mother’s damaging behaviour is a result of her own traumatic childhood. As she works through her anger and mends her rocky relationship with her fiancé, Koren begins to understand how she can live with anger.
This very personal journey with anger is a compelling story which will resonate with anyone who struggles with self-destructive behaviour.