Are you SAD?

If winter gives you the blues then you may be SAD, or suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It is a type of depression that occurs at certain times of the year. Those who live in the North are at greater risk of suffering a bout of winter depression. The symptoms are fatigue, sadness, withdrawal and a lack of interest in your normal activities. Experts say that if you suffer from SAD you may feel sluggish, hopeless and even gain weight.
Chicago Healers’ holistic health experts offer natural ways to beat the winter blues. If your symptoms persist or if you feel worse, call your doctor. 
Here are some tips from Chicago Healers practitioner Karen Erickson:
Wear colorful clothes and undergarments
Clothing that’s bright will instantly put you in a cheerful mood and even make others around you feel merry as they visually absorb your brightness.
Paint your home or office
Painting walls a certain color will instill a particular mood for that room: vibrant colors, such as yellows or oranges, will fill a room with excitement and warmth; dark colors, such as grays or browns, create a boring, monotonous feeling; and pastel colors, such as lavender and pinks, infuse calm feelings.
If changing the wall color is inconvenient, spice up a room up with fun-colored pillows, rugs, window treatments, art pieces, or plants.
Get new light bulbs
Bulbs with full-spectrum lighting mimic natural sunlight to emit all the colors of the rainbow and reduce depression.
Eat colourful food
Eat and smell foods, oils, and spices that are yellow, orange, green and red. Not only do these colors give feelings of joy, tranquility, and passion, but they have rewarding health benefits, too.
Wear color therapy glasses
Lenses with colored tints allow for light entering your body to be concentrated in one spectrum. Therefore, your mood will enhance, according to the color of your lenses.
Visualize color during meditation
Imagining yourself surrounded by a specific color will help instill the mood associated with that color.
Consider a color therapist
Color therapists can determine the most enlightening color for your mood by providing supervised color therapy treatments under special colored lights. For example, the Enlightened Healing Center in Orland Park, Illinois uses red and infrared light therapy to treat inflammation and stimulate new, healthy cell growth.
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