Sitting in the dark

Myrna Loy and Willaim Powell elegant domestic bliss at its bestI enjoy films. I always have. As child I took refuge in them. I am sure they helped to shape my reality and personality. It was not a bad thing. I’m very lucky that the films that were on TV during my childhood were primarily made in the 40s nd 50s. The values were sound, if not a bit cloying at times. 

I absorbed Kate Hepburn’s ladylike guts with Audrey Hepburn’s style and Marilyn Monroe’s sexy oomph. A dash of la Loren mixed with the suniness of Doris Day was my idea of the perfect woman. I remember thinking that Greer Garson was some kind of lady. Was there ever a swankier wife than Myrna Loy? She was married to William Powell in The Thin Man? They were so in love and swellegant. From those films I got my love of suave men, snappy patter, and a certain je ne sais quoi that makes things elegant all the time.  I have never entirely lost my glossy MGM vision of life.
I won’t bore you but, I remember all of those delightful films. And darlings, I am sure there were worse role models. I still love the movies. It’s a darn good thing too. My husband loves them even more than I do. At their best, movies reflect, inform and inspire us. So darlings, go sit in the dark this week. See something fabulous – and don’t forget to watch the Oscars!
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