Wicked Girls

267108_300Fans of psychological thrillers will not want to miss Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood. Wicked Girls is a layered and deeply-disturbing thriller written with unusual empathy for the human condition. Marwood’s understanding of the evil in that lurks in everyday life is truly terrifying.

Wicked Girls is the story of two women, Bel and Jade, who met for the first time in 1986 as 11-year-old girls. As a result of that ill-fated day their lives are changed forever and a young child is dead. 

Twenty-five years later while covering a grisly series of murders in a tacky seaside town, journalist Kirsty Lindsay meets Amber Gordon. The two girls, now women, have never seen each other since the day they were arrested as child murders. And both have lived under new identities since being released from youth corrections. Now they are brought face to face by an ironic twist of fate. 

Few subjects are darker and more disturbing than child murder and child murderers, yet Maywood handles the subject with subtly, creating a surprising book that will challenge your assumptions and leave you breathless. 

Wicked Girls has been likened to the Academy Award-nominated film, Heavenly Creatures, and the novels of Rosamund Lupton and Chevy Stevens. In my opinion, fans of these works will not be disappointed. Wicked Girls is smart, shocking, and sadly sage.