Make Waves

Margaret Cho of Drop Dead Diva Sexy waves are a hot summer hair look. Margaret Cho of the popular series Drop Diva wears her hair in waves.  Series hair stylist Richard Boggs reveals his insider tips and tricks on how to make your hair "drop-dead" gorgeous, using White Sands Hair Care.  Margaret Cho has thick, coarse hair with a lot of natural body to support her easily-styled tresses. "This makes her hair a dream for a long days shooting on Drop Dead Diva", explained Boggs.

Her are the steps he used to achieve her look:
·        Shampoo and condition hair with White Sands Vegan Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to thoroughly cleanse, while infusing a vital moisture balance back into each strand.
·        Apply a generous amount of White Sands Curl Up in Silk Mousse from the scalp to the ends of the hair shaft.
·        "I always blow dry Margaret with her head bent forward to gain maximum fullness and to obtain complete dryness," reveals Boggs.
·        Section off one-inch partings starting at the nape area, and spray the entire head with White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Hold. "This thermal protectant is our secret to keep styles in place on set even after a long day of shooting. Plus, the hair has an amazing glass-like sheen!"
·         With these one-inch sections prepped for hold and shine, use a large barrel curling iron, utilizing the Marcel styling technique from roots to end.
·        Tip: Want to master Marcel in a flash? Try the new White Sands Curling Iron which fuses Marcel and Spring into one tool. This innovative Curling Iron makes it easy to show off your hairstyling talents with its rotating "barrel". Since the barrel rotates rather than the handle, the power of beautiful Marcel waves is at your fingertips!  "After curling and then sending her to makeup, I finger brush out for a soft, sexy, wavy style," says Boggs.
Glam waves for all hair typesI am already a convert to White Sands styling products. White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold and Porosity The Fix are staples in my styling regime. So, I was fascinated by the new collection of White Sands Curling Irons.  I have never seen anything like the rotating barrel curling iron and the stunning waves it produced.The results are pure glamour. 

Salon chez vous

Liz Taylor channels Cleopatra --the queen of the home beauty ritual as well as the Nile It seems that almost no one has enough time these days.  Women who once wouldn’t have dreamed of skipping their monthly hair appointment are now cringing as they try to camouflage their roots. They just can’t find time to get the salon.

Others are groaning at the site of chipped nails, cracked heels, or dull and clogged pores. Quelle horreur!
Darlings, all these beauty catastrophes can be easily handled at home. And here is some more good news, if your budget is tight you can save a fortune by becoming your own beautician.
You can buy the same quality products that spas use to pamper you and get the job done on your schedule. If you have children you can put them to bed, in front of a DVD or home-work, and set up “salon chez vous”. It may take a little work but family can be taught to respect “you time”!
You will still need a professional to give you a fabulous cut. It is also a good idea to let them do a base colour or highlights, too. But you can keep your hair looking rich-girl fabulous in under an hour using home hair colour between salon visits.
If you are brunette and your budget is tight, you can probably manage your own colour at home. Blondes and redheads really benefit from the professional touch a few times a year.
L'Oreal Dream Blond is a dream to useForget any horror stories you have heard about home hair colour. It has come long way; you can get fabulous results. All the companies have great help lines that let you talk to professionals for free. I also love the L’Oreal Paris website www.l’ . It has a spiffy application to help you pick your correct product and colour. It is foolproof. Now they have also have application videos for first timers. I used the L’Oreal Paris computer with my friends — both colour virgins — to select their hair colour product and shades. It was fabulous.
My hair coloring tip is to check your colour every 10 minutes. Some brunette shades develop faster and you can rinse them out after only15 minutes. Some blonde shades may need a few minutes longer to lighten. Use caution and check carefully in the mirror every five minutes the first time you use any new product.
Salons charge a fortune for deep-conditioning treatments. One salon I visited recently charged $50 for a single treatment. While these treatments can make your hair shiny and manageable, there is no trick to doing them at home. All you need is the product, a comb, a plastic shower cap (I save them from hotels) and maybe a heat source. Think about putting a towel in your dryer on high for a few minutes to get it toasty. You can even get an attachment to turn your blow dryer into a bonnet dyer for less than $6. I use a hot towel or soak in a steamy bath.
Bring home the pampering of Chaz Dean's exclusive salonI like deep conditioning treatments such as the luxurious Wen Re-Moist Hydrating Mask. It’s a perfect blend of natural and botanical oils to condition and revive dull, lifeless hair. The aromas are transporting. Apply, relax and revive. $72.
ER Fusion from White Sands will heal you hair for a month with only one treatment. White Sands is the hair secret of hot Hollywood insiders. It is where the pros go for hair solutions. The products are pure genius.  ER Fusion is an intensive reconstructive hair treatment which restores hair to its youthful condition. The product creates a clear micro-shield to seal in color and softness and self-adjust the colour in the hair. A complex set of amino cystines repair damage while lemongrass extracts enhance color with a high gloss. $26
Don’t neglect your skin. Dull, dry, or oily skin with clogged pore can benefit from at-home spa treatments too. Dermatologists can work wonders with laser and peels, but at home exfoliations and masks done on a regular basis can leaves skin glowing and soft. Good skin care should be gentle. Bad care irritates skin, causing inflammation that experts say can age the skin! Do not steam or ice your skin. Extreme heat or cold breaks little blood vessels called capillaries. You will spend a fortune to have them lasered off your face. Use a clean cool or warm wash cloth instead.
Clarins Blue Orchid Oil for Dry Skin a treatChoose a masque for your skin type. Clarins Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask is a fabulous treat for dry, tired, and dull skin. Elizabeth Grant’s Torricelumn Caviar and Avacado Rehydrating Mask will leave dry and normal skin dewy and refined looking. Biotherm’s BioPur Pore Reduce is a one-minute mask that unclogs poses, and tightens and brightens complexions . It is not harsh, and it leaves skin soft.
Pure honey is a natural moisturizer and makes a great mask for normal to dry skin. A beaten egg white or a large spoon of plain yogurt can benefit oily skin.
Relax with the mask on for at least 10 minutes. Remove the mask, moisturize and apply eye cream. If your skin is dry, you may want apply rich oil such as Vitamin E oil, pomegranate oil, Clarins Blue Orchid Oil or NovaMosit (essential oil blend) as an additional treat.  Your skin will be glowing and soft. You will feel relaxed and fabulous.
The salon mani-pedi has become a ritual for working women. Many consider it a luxury. But these days, too many of just don’t have the time. And the cost can add up. Darlings, nothing says tacky, cheap, or unprofessional like old, chipped polish. It looks so awful.
Doing your nails at home is a snap. If you don’t have time for a manicure, just take off any old polish and file your nails, then slap on a top coat. You are clean and “polished” in mere minutes.
Shop for supplies at your local beauty supply; I like Sally’s Beauty Supply and Ulta. Use a base coat and quick dry and a top coat. Buy a quick dry nail spray so you can move around a bit as your nails dry, but be careful: it only sets the top.
lf you have cracked heels or rough skin on your feet — and who doesn’t? — try a Ped Egg. You can get one for about $10. It looks like an egg with a cheese grater on the bottom. Do not soak your feet Ped Egg is brilliantbefore you use it, just follow the instructions. It will remove dead rough skin from feet faster and easier than many pedicures. The Ped Egg is brilliant.
File or clip your nails straight across, then soak your feet, preferably while having a relaxing bath. Use a delicious scrub such as Olay Body Thermal Pedicure which heats up or Aromafloria Feet Sake Foot Scrub that has tea tree oil and other ingredients to relieve tired feet and heavy legs.
Do not let anyone cut your cuticles. Push them back with a towel and call it a day. Use this technique on your hands too. Dry your feet. Let your nails dry, then apply a base coat and two coats of nail colour. After about five minutes, brush on a top coat. You can now stretch out for an hour while your nails dry.
 Don’t forget to use nail-drying spray after about 10 minutes. Put a rich cream on your heels. Heel-Tastic is a rich balm in a stick. It contains dimethicone and blend of natural botanical oils including Neem oil. It is effective for healing dry cracked heels. You can find it in most drug stores or at  We also like Theraplex FT for dry scaly skin and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E.
Darlings, now can relax on your own bed – how delicious!
Manicures are even simpler than pedicures. Remove polish before a shower or bath. Then file in one direction. Keep nails short and oval – the square is out! Wash your hands if you did not bathe. Push back your cuticles gently with towel. Follow the same polishing sequence as for feet. To make my “at-home-spa-mani ” special, I treat my hands and arms to St. Ives Apricot Renew and Firm Renew and Firm Scrub. It contains glycolic acid, so it helps to keep any brown sun-spots at bay, and leaves skin super soft. It is only $5 for a lavish spa treatment with my mani. I use it for pedicures too. Deluxe pedicures done by dermatologists and podiatrists include glycolic peels, you can get a similar result by regularly suing this type of scrub.. Buy it in any drugstore.
Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream --a divine classicIf you are polish jinx who always smears, you will get better with practice. But until then even a jinx can have perfect polish with Sally Hansen Quick Care Clean-Up for Manicures. This pen wipes away polishing slips in seconds. Also try Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot Extract. It is a classic that is hard to beat at any price.
Painful and unsightly corns and calluses need a doctor’s attention. Do not cut them, seek medical attention. 
Darlings, from the top of your gorgeous head to the tips of your fabulous feet, your body needs loving care. You can see it as chore and bore, work fit only for paid minions. Or, you can learn to embrace the ritual of caring for you. If you do, I promise you will look better, feel more relaxed, and — as a bonus — save a whack of cash.

Get the cure

According to the modern bard Leonard Cohen, there ain’t no cure for love. And darlings, heaven knows he’s got it right. Luckily, there is a cure for the torture we put our hair though, especially in the summer. The Cure 24/7 from the hair wizards at White Sands hair care company does it all. Apply it wet or dry to smooth and repair damaged hair. It helps seal split ends and cracks in the cuticle using a process called “cellular-bridging” — micro-gels that fill cracks for up to seven days. It moisturizes and leaves hair super shiny and looking fabulous.