Perfect-for-the-holidays office festivities

Givenchy $1,114.41Business coaches tell you to dress for the job you aspire to. If you are already in the corner office, you know the need to strike the right note with your holiday attire. You want to look festive and ladylike. If the party is in an office or if it is a casual affair held right after work, you can get away with a pretty satin or lace blouse and a pair of fabulous shoes. Add a few "jewels" and you are more than ready to shine at this type of office party. But, if your office party is a more posh affair, you need a more formal look. But keep it covered up.
This year’s soft sheer dresses are perfect when you want a dressy, ladylike look. They are classic, too, so you‘ll get years of wear from them. You’ll feel well dressed in this type of feminine frock for conservative weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, and other celebrations where you want to look like a lady
Givenchy Sheer Sleeve Dress $1,114.41
David Mesiter $360David Meister Sheer Sleeve Cocktail Dress $390.