Romance and survival

What Happened to Hannah by Mary Kay McComas is a romance but is also the story of generational domestic violence.
Hannah is a survivor and she carries a survivor's guilt. She ran away from home at 16 after her alcoholic father beat her badly. Unlike many runways, Hannah managed find a good life herself. Eventually, she is pulled back to her hometown when her mother dies, leaving her teen-age niece alone.
Going home opens old wounds for Hannah. Her neighbours once looked down on her on her and her ragtag family, and she has carried a guilty secret about the place for years. As Hannah bonds with her niece and falls in love with an old boyfriend, her traumatic past confronts her.
McComas skillfully paints a picture of how domestic violence isolates and demeans those subjected to it. She portrays how even nice people can turn their backs on the victims of domestic violence out of ignorance or embarrassment. What Happened to Hannah is a contemporary and memorable love story with a message.