One-step Hair care

If you watch TV, chances are you have seen Chaz Dean’s infomercial for Wen Hair care and wondered does it work?  Well, I tried it and it does. The Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner takes some getting used to, but it leaves your hair clean and soft. 
First of all, it’s not an all-natural product as you may think, because of all the botanicals in it and the fabulous scent. It does have some chemicals, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. They are not harmful and they make it a very effective product. What it does not have is any of the detergents commonly found in most shampoos. The product is strange to use as it doesn’t lather, but it smells divine. I worried it would leave my fine hair greasy. It didn’t, but my hair was not as fluffy as it usually is. It was soft and shiny.
After washing my hair, I used Wen Lavender Volumizng Treatment Spray to blow-dry and style it.  Again, I love the smell of this product.  It also has amazing holding power.  It is great if your hair is starting to dry out as you style it.  I would use this product even if I did not use any other Wen product, it is that good.
If you have thick coarse hair that is dry and wiry, you will love Wen. Curly-haired gals will also love it. It is rich and conditioning, and naturally fights frizz.  If you love a soft, gentle, one-step routine, Wen may also be for you. It is expensive, but if you love it, you’ll crave it. 
I also tried Wen Sweet Almond Mint Oil.  You can use it as bath and body oil.  Like all Wen products, it smells divine. It also says you can use it in your hair, but I haven’t tried that yet. I love it as body oil, and a little goes a long way.
You can buy it by joining a monthly “Wen Club” and get a shipment of the whole system for about $30 each month, or you can buy individual products through