We’ll Always have Paris!

$_35Click top title to open the item and scroll  Jennifer Coburn’s travel memoir, We’ll Always Have Paris is full of colourful details about Paris and other European cities, but it is not a travel book. It is a sweet touching account of Coburn’s struggle to come to terms with her father’s early death from cancer and her own fear of dying.

Coburn faces her fears as she travels through Europe with her only daughter Katie. The title refers to the first trip the mother-daughter duo take together. Coburn is a skilled writer. Her descriptions of herself depict a deeply-conflicted woman.  Her confessions of anxiety and travel mishaps are humorous and touching. Coburn longs to be a carefree traveler who can wander Paris with aplomb and she wants her give her daughter beautiful memories. But Coburn is seized with panic at the idea of negotiating her way to a museum. I found myself rooting for Jennifer and Katie as they “conquered” each new challenge. 

 At times, I found the book heavy going as Coburn goes deeply into her childhood angst. But when Coburn talks about Katie and recounts their adventures she is charming and funny.

We’ll Always have Paris is a good read. Nervous travelers will relate to Coburn’s struggles and the more seasoned will sympathize.