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Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase is the third book in her bestselling Dressmaker Series. This light-hearted, sexy Regency romp throws together the roguish charmer Simon Blair, Marquis of Lisburne and the stunning, redheaded modiste, Leonie Noirot

Simon has returned to London to act as a “bodyguard” for his naïve cousin who has recently been hailed as the “new Lord Bryon”. Simon has been called on to protect his shy cousin from the young ladies of the “Ton”. When Simon literally runs into Leonie at poetry reading he is smitten. 

Leonie, who runs a successful dressmaking business with her two sisters, has more on her mind than romance. She tries to resist the handsome Marquess, but events keep throwing them together. As Simon and Leonie try to fight their mutual attraction lust slowly turns to love. 

Loretta Chase has a light touch with romance that makes the Vixen in Velvet a sexy page-turner sure to delight fans of the genre.