Chatting with Kyle Keller


Kyle Keller

Kyle Keller

Kyle Keller has been compared to Jenny McCarthy because of her quirky humour and “hottie” looks, but we think she is an original.  Since being picked as a MAXIM Hometown Hottie, Kyle has gone from radio personality and style expert, now to television host. She is the latest addition to VH1’s popular reality match-making show Tough Love. 

As busy as Kyle is with all her new projects she took time to tell DolceDolce readers about her new projects and share her beauty and style tips. 

DD: Kyle what was the most surprising thing about being on VH1’s Tough Love this season?

KK: The most surprising thing for me this season was coming to terms with the fact that I am, indeed, disconnected. As a broadcaster, I’m used to interviewing and asking questions, but never realized I “interviewed” people and wasn’t connecting with others in my personal life. It’s been a challenge. 

DD: How to you manage to look good all the time while shooting a show like VH1 Tough Love, with the very demanding schedule?

KK: The first few episodes were hard for me because I was sick and didn’t feel like I looked good at all. I had to wear glasses and couldn’t wear makeup while the other girls were extremely dolled up, so the best I could do was have fabulous clothes! I’m pretty low-maintenance in general in terms of getting ready. As as long as I had some mascara and blush, I was able to work with the schedule!  

DD:  What are your three beauty must-haves and why?

KK:  My three beauty must haves are Maybelline’s Volume Express mascara, Bare Minerals powder, and MAC’s Bronze eye shadow. I have been using them for years and always get compliments on my skin and eyes. To me, less is more … if you want to do a smoky eye, then you need to have a nude lip! 

DD: What are your everyday fashion must-haves?

KK: My fashion must-haves change with each season. Luckily, the weather in Los Angeles is always nice so I can wear tank tops and jeans all year round. I’m obsessed with shoes. The higher the heel, the better!!!

DD: Do you have a special red-carpet routine? 

KK: My red carpet routine is pretty simple: My stylist, Marisa Kenson ALWAYS dresses me in her fabulous designs, so I base the rest of my look off of what I’m wearing. Usually, I have beach wavy hair and a smoky eye, but recently, I have been rocking a red lip!  

DD: What is the secret of your fitness routine? 

KK: I love to hike and do yoga and try to do some sort of exercise every day. I’m pretty lucky genetically, but my diet could be better! Ha-ha. I’m a grazer and tend to snack throughout the day so I try to make healthy choices. 

DD: What is always in your handbag? 

KK: I ALWAYS have Listerine spray on hand; I can’t interview with bad breath!! I also have a few lip glosses and Chapstick handy, and, of course, dental floss! It’s never attractive to have something stuck in your teeth!!! 

DD:  What was the funniest thing that happened while you were shooting this season? 

KK:  Honestly, this season was difficult and very challenging. I was stressed the whole time!! I think the funniest thing for me was seeing one of my best friends from high school date one of the guys I lived with. It was so weird!!!