Natural and organic beauty treatments

I love the idea of organic beauty products, but too many of them don’t perform as well as conventional products. They are fine for my body, but they just don’t cut it on my face.
Vermont Soap’s Green Gold is a certified organic herbal moisturizer that not only really works but is addictive. The Shea Butter base is “enhanced” with essential fatty acids from organic hemp seeds. The thick lotion also contains the anti-aging botanicals calendula, St Johns Wort, and rosemary. It smells and feels fabulous.
Vermont Soap’s Honey Love Face Mask helps to calm, soothe, and moisturize skin. It is a perfect for winter as it leaves skin dewy and moist, and looking refreshed. Green Gold and the Honey Love Mask Vermont Soaps Shea Butter Bar are effective skin pampering treats for dry and mature skin.
If have dry skin you will love these new products from Vermont Soap. Both are priced at $7.98 for a small size and $12.98 for the larger size.

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