Veal Piccata

A lemony Italian classicVeal Piccata is a classic Italian dish of tender veal scaloppini in a piquant sauce of white wine, lemon, and capers. It is quick and easy to make at home. You can make the dish with thinly-sliced turkey breast if you prefer. I use humanely-raised rose veal, and it is delicious. For a dinner party, serve it with crispy pan-fried potatoes, or thin egg noodles and a green vegetable.

This recipe is for two, but double or triple it for family or a party. It is always popular.
Thin-slice veal scallops, three slices per person, about ¾ pound or 380 grams
Pound the scallops between two sheets of plastic, or use a large baggie
Do not pound so hard the meat tears
Season a few spoonfuls of flour with salt and pepper
Dredge or flour the meat and set aside