Riveting adult occult trilogy

Attention adult fantasy fans of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Game of ThronesDeborah Harness's Shadow of the Night, the second book in a trilogy, is sexy, smart, and thrilling. Her first book, A Discovery of Witches, made the New York Times Bestsellers list. It began the trilogy by introducing Diana Bishop, a generational witch, academic, and expert on alchemy and Matthew Clairmont, a sexy, wealthy scientist – and vampire.
Shadow of the Night picks up as Mathew and Diana land in Elizabethan England. Diana has time “time-walked" them back to find out what is behind the secrets and rivalries that pursue them in the present. 
Harkness, an academic herself, writes with authority about the period. The tale is littered with fascinating references and personages. I also love the way she develops the relationship between the modern witch Diana and the age-old vampire Mathew as they grow into their relationship.
The sexy thriller takes the couple to England, France, and to Prague as they are befriended ands pursued by a host of fascinating witches, demons, vampires, and historical figures. Shadow of the Night is a page-turner of the first order and must-read for lovers of the genre!

Vampires take Manhattan

Meg Cabot’s book Overbite is a clever take on the Dracula yarn. Meena Harker knows when and how everyone she meets will die. She goes into hiding from a breakaway killer cult of vampires after her former fiancé is turned into one and tries to kill her.

The cult wants to siphon off her psychic powers by draining her blood. Luckily she is protected by the secret society she joined to fight evil – The Palentine Guard.

Meena has never had so many worries or so much attention.
Dracula wants to seduce her and make her his mate. Meena finds the dark prince attractive – even though she knows enough to resist his evil allure. Meena is protected by the dashing Alaric Wulf a member of the Palentine Guard. He and Meena harbour a complex attraction for each other.
Overbite is an amusing horror story with engaging characters and touch of whimsy. Full of sexual tension and clever pot twists, Overbite will keep any romantic vampire fan enthralled.
It is part of a series.

A Discovery of Witches

Imagine a grownup Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Da Vinci Code full of witches and vampires and you will have a good idea of what A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness is like. It’s a riveting page-turner full of magic and dark romance. The hefty tome chronicles the meeting of Diana Bishop, the last of a famous family of witches, and a charismatic vampire cum scientist Matthew Clairmont. 

Professor Diana Bishop is doing research in Oxford’s old Bodleian Library when she finds a famous missing volume on alchemy. The book turns out to be enchanted. When Diana accidentally breaks the enchantment she attracts a horde of witches, daemons, and vampires. This is when she meets Matthew Clairmont, a dark mysterious, and charismatic vampire. Diana, has never consciously practiced witchcraft, so she is at a loss when she confronted by so many magical forces. She is also thrown by her attraction to the dark and handsome vampire.

Deborah Harkness is a historian, so — as with the popular Da Vinci Code — she has hidden nuggets of history and obscure facts among her vampires and witches. And her character Diana, like Buffy, is an unwilling but appealing combatant in the metaphysical struggle that ensues.
While a fantasy, A Discovery of Witches is also sophisticated, witty, and well-researched. The characters are compelling and interesting. 
Harkness’ attention to historical and scientific detail brings this fantastic tale well above the level of most books in this general. The writing is impeccable.
A Discovery of Witches is the first book in the All Souls trilogy. I for one am hooked on Deborah Harkness and her mystical tale. Don’t miss this one. Available Feb 1, 2010.