Feeling a little Lulu?

Film star Lulu BrooksThis season A-line beaded cocktail dresses with a flapper feel graced the runways at Valentino. The look is timeless, seductive, and perfect for a big holiday evening when you are feeling a little Lulu – like the iconic film star Louise Brooks.

If a Valentino is out of reach, get the look with a 1920s-style black and gold beaded drop waist dress from Fall 2011 ValentinoUniqueVintage.com. You can pre-order it for $208.
Unique Vintage dresshttp://www.unique-vintage.com/1920s-style-black-gold-beaded-drop-waist-flapper-dress-p-13192.html?osCsid=08dcf10b791f97fabb76196166de4701