Save your skin and your clothes

Whisper thin washable cami for under anything that needs to be dry cleaned or that might itchHave you heard of autrepeau? It’s a line of whisper-thin undergarments designed to prevent chaffing and itching, and also to save on dry cleaning costs by acting as a barrier between you and your delicate dry clean-only business wear. 

I have owned a tee-shirt from autrepeau for years, as just looking at wool – or even cashmere – can make me break out in hives on a bad day. I stick to a cashmere silk blends or cotton, and even then I have been known to itch. It’s my fair skin. Some women are bothered by perspiration and use them to protect their clothes or cut down on chaffing in this icky, sticky weather we have been having. Whatever your issue, they are must for the well-dressed fashionista.