Mineral based concealer reflect light

Concealer-SwatchUnder-eye circles can be caused by allergies, fatigue, or even very thin skin. Some women have a persistent problem with under-eye shadows, but most of us are bothered by some under-eye darkness at some time or another.  Trying to cover circles with heavy makeup results in a cakey look and draws more attention to the problem. Instead, apply a concealer that reflects light just under the puffiest part of the under-eye and blend. 

Advanced Mineral Perfecting Concealer by Annie Mayo is one of the best and most natural looking under-eye concealers I have found.  Mayo is a top TV makeup artist who developed her Advanced Mineral Makeup line for use with unforgiving High Definition TV lighting, which highlight every skin flaw. The concealer reflects light making under-eyes appear younger.  It comes in three shades and contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant, grape seed oil, Shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. Unlike many other popular and more expensive light-reflecting wand concealers, Advanced Mineral Perfecting Concealer comes in very natural skin tones and stays put while keeping the eye area hydrated.

 It costs $24