Save your colour and your hair

uChoosing a deep conditioner can be confusing if you have a colour-treated hair. Should you choose one that claims to preserve your gorgeous, costly salon colour? Or should you buy one that is designed counteract the dryness and damage done by coloring and heat-styling your hair? I am an experienced beauty editor and the question had me flummoxed. Recently, I tried two new deep conditioners for coloured treated hair that also repairs damage. 

U Renew by U Color Deep Treatment Masque combines collagen with Rooibos Tea to protect and condition colour-treated hair.  This masque leaves hair manageable and vibrant wth ingredients similar to found in much more expensive hair treatments.  You can find this masque at all Ulta stores for $13.99 BeFunky_umberto.jpg

Another very effective masque for colour-treated hair is Umberto of Beverly Hills Repair Treatment Masque – Intensive Therapy for Damaged and Chemically Treated Hair.  The company claims it contains the same ingredients as very expensive treatments. It contains algae, wheat, and soy protein which are the same ingredients in some of the top luxury brands. Umberto Masque is a bargain at $12.99.

 Umberto of Beverly Hills hair care products can be found at 

Both of these masques are extremely effective. They leave hair silky, manageable, and smooth. Every top stylist I have asked has told me that frequent deep conditioning – at least once or twice a week – is the best way to protect your hair from heat styling and chemicals.