Two Sisters

download (2)Click on top title to open and scroll  Some sisters are best friends and confidants but others are bitter rivals or strangers. In her novel, Two Sisters, Mary Hogan tells the story of sisterly rivalry, secrets, and loyalty.

Muriel Sullivant was the baby of the family but instead of feeling pampered and spoiled she always felt like a burden and an outsider.  Her sister, Pia, is beautiful, blonde, and popular, like their mother, Lidia. Her brother and her father have a male-bond that doesn’t include Muriel. Even her mother has an agenda that doesn’t include loving Muriel.

Now grown up and living in New York Muriel still feels second rate and unlovable. Her sister Pia has a dream life with a wealthy husband, who adores her pretty daughter and perfect home.  Muriel’s parents live separate lives in the suburbs and her brother disappeared years ago.

Muriel is all set to spend her day off in bed watching TV and eating junk food when her sister arrives unannounced. Pia brings devastating that will unlock past secrets and change the future.

Two Sisters is a tale of family secrets, betrayal, loneliness, and redemption. Mary Hogan’s plot twists and characters put a new twist on a classic theme of family secrets.