Must-read European blockbuster best-seller

Twice Born by Margaret Mazzantini is a timeless, yet compelling modern tale of love and war. As the story opens, Gemma, an Italian woman, travels from Rome to Sarajevo, with her teenage son, Pietro. She wants to show him where she met his father. It is also the place where Pietro was born and his father died. 

Although Gemma has married the love of her life, Diego, a handsome young romantic photographer from Sarajevo, she is driven to have a child. She and Diego explore all options to conceive, finally returning to the war-torn city where they met in a last desperate attempt to have a child.

Twice Born explores the power of the maternal urge and what it mans to be a mother and a family. Mazzantini captures the raw visceral neediness and desperation of women who are frustrated by their desire for children. In Twice Born, Mezzantini parallels how the power of sex and procreation can be used to both destroy and redeem.
Twice Born is as gritty, difficult, compelling, and real as the evening news.
Margaret Mazzantiniis an acclaimed Italian novelist. According to her publisher, "Twice Born has sold 800,000 copies, with rights sold in eighteen other countries." It will soon be a major motion picture directed by directed by Sergio Castellitto with an international cast.