A Tudor msytery

If you are a fan of Tudor England, the Shardlake mysteries are for you! Author C.J. Sansom captures the era perfectly while weaving an intriguing mystery that will keep you burning through its 600-plus pages. Once I started reading it, I could hardly put it down; I devoured it in just two days. Sansom’s tale is alive with the humour, politics, and nuance that make the Tudor age so fascinating.

Matthew Shardlake, the compelling quirky lawyer and amateur detective, is once again called to investigate. Queen Catherine Parr asks him to look into the death of the son of her old serving woman. The young man appears to have committed suicide after raising questions about his former students, who are wealthy young orphans.
At the same time, Shardlake is trying to crack another mystery, the rape of a young woman. She was later sent to Bedlam, a notorious mental institution.
Sansom’s writing is fast-paced and amusing, and is so filled with interesting detail; it even offers insights into the formation of our own system of common law.
This fourth and latest installment in Sansom’s popular Tudor mysteries series is perfect for long winters’ nights. Curl up with it, and let history take you away.