Trend alert: A cooler, hipper dickie


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One of the craziest trends of the season is the dickie. It is a retro trend from the 60’s and even then it wasn’t cool. The turtleneck dickie is just the neck of a turtleneck. Dickies have always been polarizing. You love them or hate them. Three have never really been cool as their purpose seems too utilitarian- until now. The new designer dickies have nothing to with those tidy little dickies of yesterday worn to keep grannies neck warm or save the collar of jacket from soiling.


The dickies that have fashion babies buzzing are big ,chunky knits that that a worn like scarfs loose and free. They are added as an extra layer of texture.

A.L.C. Brandt Knit Turtleneck Dickie a chunky knit dickie in extra fine merino wool/nylon.

$195.00 from Neiman Marcus.

 T by AlexanderWang

Another take on this look is a just little tiny smooth turtleneck ring –just the neck –worn as a choker.


The most interesting take on the Dickie trend isn’t really even a dickie at all but a long loose open-sided tunic . Like this one: T by Alexander Wang Split Side Tunic in wool and cashmere blend $395 from Net-a-Porter. The prim garment can be worn over slim pants or a narrow skirt and top with boots or tights. The look reminds me of an old fashioned French school girl’s uniform or even nun’s habit.