Save your shoes from slush!

 Shoe covers foldd into a neat little bag and fit snuggly over heels!
You may have missed this when we first ran it, as the winter (at least in the South) has been so mild. But by now you must have had a least one case of wet feet, no matter where you live. “Shoe Covers” were invented by Deborah Haslam, a woman who loves shoes. And they are brilliant.
Deborah named the company after her two children Grace and Carter – so the name is confusing, but not the product. Shoe covers slip over your pumps or ballet flats, turning them into waterproof boots in seconds. They stretch over shoes to conform to different heel heights and styles. When you arrive at your destination, the covers slip off and fold into a little bag. I tried them and they actually do slide on and off pretty easily. This is important as you often have to execute this maneuver in public coat check areas of hotel lobbies. The work and they look great! 
I have been longing for these on rainy days to protect my shoes as I am not the type to stomp about the city in a frock and a pair of rubber Wellies all day. The overshoes my mother and grandmother wore were neat and chic. The Grace Carter version is neat and not too clunky. Shoe Covers are a boon to the woman traveler who doesn’t want to be weighed down by heavy boots. They are also perfect for warm weather deluges when boots would be ridiculous, but you still need to protect delicate footwear from puddles. Chic women who live in walking cities will soon consider these a must-have and fabulous alternative to Wellies. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.
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