The Original Hair Guru

It's all about fabulous hair Photo www.karinpacione.comPhilip Kingsley wanted to be more than a hair stylist. So, while working at his uncle’s salon in London, he studied and became a trichologist – a specialist in the study of hair and its diseases. Soon, he opened his own space dedicated to what in the 1950s was the taboo subject of hair and scalp problems. After opening clinics in London and New York, he also launched his own trichologically-driven product line based on hair textures rather than the standard normal, oily, or dry.

Named the "hair guru" by The New York Times and "the hair wizard" by Vogue, Kingsley believes everyone should feel good about themselves – starting with their hair. "I’m often asked how often hair should be washed and the answer is simple – daily!" says Kingsley. "You wash or cleanse your face every day to keep skin looking its best. Your hair goes to all the same places, so it too needs daily care and attention."  To achieve healthy, shiny, beautiful hair, first establish your personalized daily care routine.  
Hair Guru Philip KingsleyFifty years later, Kingsley is the world’s leading authority on hair and scalp health. He has a "cult" following. His past and present clientele includes royalty, politicians, and celebrities like Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Sir Lawrence Olivier, John Travolta, Kate Winslet, Renée Zellweger, Sigourney Weaver and Candice Bergen. He coined the phrase "bad hair day" and has spent his brilliant career eliminating them.
Now, whether traipsing off to the shore for the weekend or jetting off to the AmalfiCoast, you can pack your foolproof, essential hair care in your carry-on. The Jet Sets from Philip Kingsley allows you pack light and maintain your favorite hair routine, even through airport security. 
There are four sets: Body and Volume Jet Set for fine hair that needs lift and body. Body and Shine Jet Set for hair that is chemically processed and in need of extra body and shine. Shiny Jet Set for medium textured hair. Take Comfort Jet Set is soothing for flaky itchy scalps.
If you want be sure to have gorgeous hair, don’t miss our exclusive interview with the original hair guru! DolceDolcereaders loved this interview so much we had to share it again.
DD: An increasing number of women seem to be experiencing problems with thinning hair or hair loss. Is this problem getting worse?
TSA friendly  Jet Sets let you take your hair with you when you travelPK: I have an increasing number of women at my clinics complaining of hair loss.  This does not necessarily mean that there are more women with hair loss, but that more women are complaining of it.  It is probable though, that there are more because women are living longer.
DD: Are there different reasons for hair loss or thinning?
PK: There are many reasons.  Once the reason(s) have been found (through blood tests) a lot can be done.  Reasons can be hormonal, nutritional, iron levels, thyroid anomalies, pregnancy and post pregnancy, to name a few.
DD: Can hair thinning or loss be treated or reversed?
PK: Yes.  Definitely.  The least that can be done is to stop it, and more often than not, reverse it – depending on the cause.
DD: What do you think about treatments such as the laser comb?
PK: There is no accurate scientific evidence (or reason) why laser treatment should help.
DD: Are hair extensions a viable solution or do they make the problem worse?
PK: Hair extensions usually make the problem worse because less care is taken for the hair already there, and that extensions often lead to traction (pulling) hair loss.
DD: Does hair colour make the problem worse?
PK: Hair colouring does not make the problem worse.
DD: What can a woman do to make her hair look its best while she deals with these problems?
PK: Shampoo daily, condition daily, and use styling aids to give more volume.
DD: What are the other most common problems women seek out your expert advice for?
PK: Everything pertaining to good looking hair and healthy scalps that lead to Happy Hair Days as opposed to Bad Hair Days.
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