A wife –a life

Deb WilliamsDeb Williams reflects on the plight of the trapped Chilean miners and their wives. She muses on what she values in life as a woman and a wife:

If someone told me that in the blink of an eye I would be separated from my husband for four months, and that I would anxiously wait as he fought for his life, I would tell you you’re crazy; it would never happen. But as I write this, there are women facing this very predicament. The families of the 33 miners trapped in Chile battle frustration and fear every day. But through it all, there is also hope. 
Life will set many obstacles in our path. Some test our courage and others our self-confidence. They teach us perseverance and unrelenting patience. 
Women can give life, so we know what it means to lose it. We understand better than our male counterparts that it must be nurtured and treasured. Women are mothers and teachers, so let us teach well and inspire those around us. 
Be passionate, kind-hearted, and gentle. The world around you is beautiful. Take the time to experience nature and all her splendour. Enjoy the challenge of a good hike and the serenity of a quiet hour spent in contemplation surrounded by scented jasmine. If you love it, paint and let your home be your gallery. Read books that will nourish your soul and help you grow. Ask your husband out on a date. Take time to step aside and watch your children grow. Learn the meaning of La Dolce Vita and live by it.
Stand tall and strong, and walk with a big heart. Accept who you are and love yourself for it — flaws and all. Endeavour to be a better person, but treasure the person you have become along the way. There will be times when you think you must stand alone. Don’t. Reach out and you will find support all around you.
If life were a song, would you dance to the vibrant beat or choose to sit it out in a dim corner?