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Waze, one of the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation apps, sponsored a survey conducted by market research firm Lab42. It included a thousand drivers in the United States.

Here is what Waze told us about U.S. drivers and their habits:

Creatures of Habit
If you’re wondering why there is always traffic on your journey, it’s because 63 percent of drivers take the same route to and from work every day. At Waze, we pride ourselves on ensuring that we can provide you with the fastest route anywhere – so if it is out of your comfort zone, trust us and take it! 
Road Rage Reality

One third of the people survey never experience road rage.

Managing Road Rage

The majority, or 50 percent, said they are most likely to manage their road rage by chilling out with some good tunes
Singing in the Car
Singing was the one activity people do most when they are driving in traffic or otherwise.

Making the Most of Traffic Time
When asked what “strange” or “unusual” things people did in their cars, here is how it divided: Personal Grooming 45 percent; 13 percent did something sexy. 
Split on Selfies

There is almost a complete divide on the percentage of people who don’t take selfies in their cars: 48 percent don’t and 52 percent do. If you do, please wait until you have reached your destination!