Chatting with Top Chef’s Beverly Kim

Chef Beverly KimChef Beverly Kim was often seen as the underdog on Bravo’s Top Chef, but she proved to be a talented and tenacious competitor. She became a favourite as she showed grace under pressure while several fellow chefs arguably bullied her over her work ethic and technique. We asked Chef Beverly about her experiences, as well as her thoughts on cooking and bullying. Don’t miss this fascinating chat with one an inspiring young chef and woman.

DD: Why do you think a few of the chefs picked on you?
BK:I think it was mostly misunderstandings between us. At the end of the day, we all respect each other.
DD: What is your favourite thing to cook for yourself?
BK: Kimchi & pork stew.
DD: You are sensitive and cry, but you are also a survivor as your fellow contestants found out. What is your advice to any one dealing with a bully?
BK: Most importantly, be true to yourself. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Know that you are not alone. In many cases, you are not the only one being bullied. They most likely treat others the same way. Finally, reach out for support.
DD: What was your best moment on Top Chef?
BK: It is so difficult to pick just one. My top two moments are winning restaurant wars and cooking for my mentor, Sarah Stegner.
DD: Do you have a cooking tip or two to share?
BK: Always have lemons and limes in your pantry. Often times a dish simply needs a little acidity to help the flavors pop. Cook seasonal foods. I recommend shopping at farmer’s markets. Flavors are best when the food is seasonal and freshly harvested.
DD: What is next for you?
BK: My immediate next steps are to elevate aria restaurant to the next level. This year we are Michelin Recommended, and our 2013 goal is a Michelin Star rating.
Ultimately, I will open my own restaurant in partnership with my husband. It has been our dream to have a restaurant together.