Fresh tomato tart

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This is one of my favourite end summer recipes. The markets are full of ripe flavorful tomatoes, and no one is in the mood for anything too heavy.

Serve this lightened up quiche with a green salad spiked with basil and peppery arugula


This tart, a type of quiche, bursts with flavour. While this is not a diet recipe, it is a lightened version of quiche. The cream has been replaced with 2 percent, or skim, milk and there is only a scant half cup of grated cheese. The fresh tomatoes and herbs pack so much flavour that rich ingredients are not needed.


I make my own pâte brisée, but you can buy what you like. Sometimes I add a few spoonful’s of black truffles in oil for more decadent treat or some sautéed mushrooms. Both are optional.


This makes a perfect summer lunch with a beautiful salad and perhaps a fresh ear of corn for heartier eaters. Summer is the time to set your table from the garden!