To snack or not to snack

 Click top title to open and scroll  12_cascadeiceSnacking is a dilemma. Some experts say it is a good way to keep hunger under control, while others ban it all together. One thing is for sure: if you so snack, portion control and whole, natural foods are the keys to healthy eating.

It is all well and good to talk about willpower but if you don’t open a whole bag of cookies, chips, or popcorn you cannot eat them. At the end of the day all calories count if you are watching your weight, and whole natural foods are best. And eating healthful eating can be a challenge so here are few new products and old ideas to help you plan.

Recently, I tried a line of snacks called Clean, Lean, and Sexy created by Suzie Carpenter. She is “Certified Peak Health Coach” with more than 10 years of experience eating, cooking, and teaching gluten-free living. She created the snacks for her daughter, who has Celiac disease.  The Clean, Lean and Sexy Whole Food Energy Bars come in

Cashew Coconut and Almond Honey.  The bars each contain less than 200 calories with three grams of protein. They are moist and have no weird under-taste.

You order from the website which is full of interesting tips ,

Don’t forget the calories in healthy snacks if you are watching your weight.

Whole fruits such as apples or a half-cup serving of grapes and melon can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Studies show women who eat nuts have an easier time maintaining their weight. Fourteen almonds or eight walnut halves are about 100 calories. 

Often dehydration is mistaken for hunger. Cascade Ice sparkling fruit-flavoured water is a zero-calorie treat. It contains no sodium, caffeine, gluten and sugar but is delicious. It comes in delicious fruit flavours.