Christie Brinkley’s tell-all beauty book

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Christie Brinkley at 61 still looks every inch a super model. She glows with health.  In her book, Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, Christie tells readers how she manages to look so fabulous.

I loved this book because, as a beauty editor, the last thing I need is another book of generic tips. Christie gets specific.


She breaks down her makeup routine and tells us exactly what she uses and how she applies it.


Christie shares over 30 years of beauty “know-how” from her career as a super model. And her tips are both really good and useful for women of all ages.

Her book is full of specific and useful information, including recipes, exercise, and diet tips. Christie tells you how she puts her look together for different occasions and even offers  “The 17 Timeless Pieces every woman should have in her closet”.


If you have ever wanted to know how a super model diets, exercises, or shops, this is the book to read. You are never left wondering about details; Christie spells it all out. 


As a final note,  I have seen a few online reviews of this book which question Christie’s dieting advice and mock her use of cosmetic injections. As someone who has seriously covered these subjects for many years, I was shocked. The advice in Christies book is, in my opinion, sensible and very honest. It another reason, I liked the book so much.